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Kumula Cases is a case management software for lawyers.
Kumula Cases
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Kumula Cases is a case management software for lawyers (similar to programs like Amicus Attorney or RA-Micro), based upon the Kumula package. It was part of my diploma thesis and consists of multiple parts:


The main application for handling the case files. It shows active and closed case files, and also the appointments and time limits of all cases. When opening a case file, it starts "CaseData", which is merely an "internal" application.


Displays the content of one case file. Because of splitting the case management and the case contents, it's possible to:

- work with different cases at the same time
- open a case from Cases and Clients (see below)
- open a case directly from your desktop (if you create a shortcut there)
This case content program is also modular and brings the following modules with it:
- Header, for storing reference number, case title etc.
- Parties, for managing clients, contrahents and third parties
- Events, for recording appointments, time limits and resubmissions
- Documents, for assigning letters and other documents to a case file
- Journal, for register revenues and expenses related to a case

Cases module for Clients

This module for Kumula's client management program shows the cases in which a client is involved, including the possibility to open the case file directly.


Kumula Base


Copy the content of this package to your Kumula directory and install the database tables with "mysql -u root -p -D kumula < sql/kumula-cases.mysql". A detailled installation description can be found in the package.

last updated on:
May 8th, 2006, 14:44 GMT
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
developed by:
Kumula Team
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Kumula Cases
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Kumula CasesKumula Cases

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