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ChkBk is a simple, yet functional checkbook registry program.





ChkBk project is a Bourne Shell script designed to be a simple, yet functional checkbook registry program.

I wrote ChkBk because I use my checkcard a lot, but I never have my checkbook with me. I got tired of having to hold on to my receipts until I got home and then having to remember to enter the info into my checkbook when I did get home. My goal was to have something simple that I could access easily from work. I use a linux box at work, so naturally command line access and ssh was my first choice since, 1) It's encrytped, 2) It doesn't take up much network resources like a gui program would, 3) I'm comfortable at the command line. Plus, I was bored and needed a reason to learn more about shell programming.

Here are some key features of "ChkBk":

It's FREE. Free as in beer and free as in freedom since it's licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
You just want to keep an accurate checkbook.
You want to keep a record of your transactions on your computer, but don't want to pay for anything to do something so trivial.
You don't really want or need the functionality of something like Quicken(tm).
You want something almost as simple, if not simpler, to use than it would be to just right it down on paper.
Keep an accurate record of checking and/or savings account transactions
View full or partial transaction history
Backup/Restore the database to/from another location on your computer or a remote computer with a locally mounted filesytem
Print all or partial list of transactions in a nice, easy to read format

What's New in This Release:

A major bug was fixed to make ChkBk properly identify when a check number has already been used.
The ability to search databases for specific transactions has been added.
Deposit and withdrawal menus now automagically fill in decimal places as zeros when none is entered for amount and fee fields.
The user can now type "h" in any menu field to bring up the help.
Various minor bugs have been fixed and screen output has been cleaned up.
A minor adjustment was made to smooth out transition from balance menu.
Various minor installer bugs have been fixed, including most Cygwin install problems.
Last updated on April 9th, 2006
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