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Blue ERP is a Web based ERP application. Its goal is to provide a flexible and user friendly interface that can work out of the box and be modified to suit specific needs easily.

Blue ERP goals are to provide a featureful ERP application, to be open in licence and in spirit, and to be user-friendly by providing adequate documentation and assistance to users.

Why Blue ERP?

Most web-based ERP software are written in java. There are a few other ones (such as SQL-Ledger or CK-ERP), however the development process of these projects is too closed for the philosophy of a true open source project. Some other projects had code which was not clean enough to easily modify without a lot of work.

Blue ERP tries to addess all those issues and to propose a new, fresher and more open approach to the question of php, web based ERP.
Last updated on July 19th, 2009
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A Web based ERP application.


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