ASTPP 1.4 Beta 2

ASTPP is a billing solution for Asterisk.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Aleph Communications
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ASTPP is a billing solution for Asterisk. The project supports pre-paid and post-paid billing with call rating and credit control.

It also provides many other features such as calling cards, least cost routing (lcr), did management, resellers, callbacks, etc.

ASTPP is able to integrate with OSCommerce to provide a Web store for your users to purchase calling cards and sign up for VoIP accounts.

Here are some key features of "ASTPP":

Customer Account Features
Support for an unlimited number of customer accounts
Support a mix of Postpaid and Prepaid accounts
Your invoices can be generated on numerous different cycles: daily,weekly,monthly,quarterly,biyearly, or yearly.
Apply charges to the customers accounts on a per account or per pricelist basis. This can be done in the same cycles as the invoices are generated at.

Call Rating Capabilities
Realtime billing via the Asterisk manager interface
Batch billing
Unlimited number of brands/pricelists
Very flexible call processing
Calls can be posted to ASTPP ie. Prepaid billing
Calls can be posted to 3rd party applications such as OSCommerce, Optigold, or AgileBill.
All charges are written to csv files
Very powerful and flexible regex pattern matching applies the correct rate
Packages - Support to have X number of free minutes to Y locations. This will allow you to offer your customers X free minutes per month for Y price and bill after the minutes are used up.

Least Cost & Failover Routing
Provides redundancy based on cost
Powerful regex based LCR engine
Limit the number of simultaneous calls per trunk
Multiple trunks per provider

Credit Control
Allows you to control the length of your users calls
Keep prepaid users from spending more than they have purchased

DID Mapping
Dynamically map incoming DIDs to the correct user via the web interface
Impose credit controls on incoming DIDs.
Dynamically assign extensions to users.
Handles monthly billing for DIDs

Automated Account & Device Mangement
Automation supported via HTTP POST commands
Manage ASTPP accounts from 3rd party billing applications
Manage Asterisk devices from 3rd party billing applications
Manage DIDs from 3rd party billing application with inventory management

Supports typical authentication via SIP or IAX devies
Supports ANI identification. Map your CLID to your ASTPP account.

Calling Cards
Generate cards in bulk and enable as you go along
Support for connection & disconnection fees
Support a charge after X number of hours of usage
Support a charge after X number of days after first usage and repeats every X days.
Support expiration of cards X days after first usage
Bill in customizable increments
Integrate fully with Asterisk.
Customer portal allows calling card users to view their cards status.
ANI Mapping

Vendor Billing
Track what your calls through each vendor should have cost. This assist in ensuring that all billing is correct.
Vendor login page which allows vendors to set their call costs.

Reseller Support
Asterisk(tm) -Realtime Support
Work with SIP and IAX devices directly in the Asterisk(tm) Realtime MySQL database.
Work with your -Realtime dialplan.
Automatically and IAX or SIP friends when you generate a user account.


osCommerce (optional)

What's New in This Release:

Beta 2 has been released with several bugs which were found in Beta 1 resolved.

Last updated on December 21st, 2006

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