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Recoll Full Text Search is a free plugin for the Calibre ebook organizer software that enables users to search their entire collection of ebooks for various words, phrases and paragraphs.

The plugins uses the powerful and open source Recoll command-line utility to do the actual full text search. Recoll should be installed by default on any Linux-based operating system.

Recoll Full Text Search is a free plugin designed to work with Calibre 0.9.25 or higher. Be aware that this plugin is only designed for UNIX systems and it will not work on Microsoft Windows..
Last updated on January 28th, 2014
Recoll Full Text Search - The main dialog, where users can search and replace, update the recoll database, and configure the pluginRecoll Full Text Search - The Configuration dialog, where users can change the path to the Calibre library, Calibre config directory and the recoll bin directory

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Easily search full text through your entire ebook collection with this plugin for Calibre and Recoll


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