vcr 1.10

vcr is a text-console video recorder.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.5/5 17
Bram Avontuur
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VCR is a program which enables you to record a program using a video grabber card that's supported by the video4linux drivers. It doesn't require a graphical environment, and you can use all popupular windows codecs (like DivX, Indeo Video 5, etc) because VCR is built around the avifile library.

Now, you can finally record your favourite program from a remote place, because Murphy's law dictates that you remember to record it when you're as far away from your home as possible...


Depending on the codec used, a fast CPU (My celeron-466 CPU copes well enough to record divx low-motion @ 25fps, just occasional frame drops)
Diskspace (you can never have enough of that!)
Avifile library:
XawTV: (you can do without, but if you want to use tuner presets, you want to read the manual on how to make a .xawtv config file)
Aumix: (It's not required either, but it's very useful to set the recording device for your soundcard (which you probably want if you want to record sound from the soundcard's line-in!))

What's New in This Release:

Updated source to match avifile-0.7.37, and possibly beyond.
New configuration directive 'vflip', with which you can flip the image vertically.
Support for custom sound device (config file directive 'sound-device')
Applied patches from debian/unstable that fix some outstanding bugs and include other improvements. Thanks guys, you rock!
A/V Syncing improved for longer recordings, thanks to a tip from Alexander Rawass.

Last updated on May 4th, 2005

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