shalVideo 1.4

shalVideo is a TV record sheduling program, the goal is that you can just use your computer just like a video recorder.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.0/5 1
Raul Portales Fernandez
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Video
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shalVideo is a TV record scheduling program, the goal is that you can just use your computer just like a video recorder.

shalVideo just gives you the abstraction from other tools you MUST have installed, look at the Requirements for details.

shalVideo reads the channels list from a file that you have to write down, or download if there is one for your place. Right now, thanks to JCamGra, you can create the channels file from xawtv config using the xawitv2svch script


MPlayer, the movie player for linux This program is used as the final recorder (mencoder).
atd: The daemon that schedules tasks in the computer

What's New in This Release:

Periodicity is now fully configurable, we can choose the days of the week in wich we want to record.
The saving of the queued recordings is in plain text (Human readable) files instead of a binay one.
Using the v4l2 driver in mplayer is enabled. The driver can be selected and is stored in the config file.
The output file of mplayer has now the correct format so the alphabetical order and the date order is the same.
Fixed some header includes were missing so compilation was possible on RedHat but not in Debian, for example.
Fixed that configuration not saved if no config file exists
French Version thanks to Eric Tanguy

Last updated on January 26th, 2006

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