motmot.fview 0.6.8

Extensible camera viewer program (part of the motmot camera packages)
motmot.fview is an extensible real-time image viewing, saving, and analysis app.

motmot.fview is an application to view and record data from uncompressed digital video cameras. The name ''fview'' derives from "fly viewer" -- the software was developed within the `Dickinson Lab`__ at Caltech__ to record movies of flies.

Main features:

  • Plugins for realtime image analysis: -- Plugins to perform realimage image analysis are straightforward to write, with templates included to get you started quickly. Plugins have been written, for example, to perform background subtraction very quickly by making use of Intel's Integrated Performance Primatives (IPP) library. See :ref:`writing FView plugins < fview-plugin-writing >`.
  • camera trigger device with precise timing and analog input: -- see :ref:`this page < fview_ext_trig-overview >`
  • Many supported cameras: -- fview uses :ref:`libcamiface` to interact with cameras. This means that if you use fview, your code is independent from the particular camera hardware you're using.
  • Written in Python: -- Python__ is used as the "glue" that hold the application together -- the underlying image processing and saving is performed by high performance C code. Flexible memory allocation is possible for easy integration with other languages and libraries.

last updated on:
June 1st, 2012, 4:06 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Andrew Straw
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