mmp 0.5

mmp is a fast & simple mplayer (or mpg123) frontend for X11 utilizing the WINGs toolkit.

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BSD License 
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Robert Lillack
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Video
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mmp is a fast & simple mplayer (or mpg123) frontend for X11 utilizing the WINGs toolkit. The project offers no playlist support but features an integrated file system browser.

Compiling mmp

make should work on any decent UN*X clone. Note, that you need Window Maker installed for building (not running) mmp. You may need to tweak paths in the makefile where you can choose between mplayer and mpg123 backend, too.

Running mmp

Without argument: mmp opens the directory that was open when you ran it the last time
With directory as argument: this dir will be opened
With file as argument: the corresponding dir will be opened and the file will be played.

Using mmp

Err... double click a file to play it or a directory to enter it. Mark the next file to be played by clicking it once, while another file is played.


· Window Maker 0.92
· MPlayer (recommended)
· mpg123 (optional)

What's New in This Release:

· This release includes many display related features and fixes.
· File titles which are too long to display fully are scrolled.
· Broken UTF-8 encoded file names and meta information are now parsed as ISO-8859-1, which is correct in nearly all cases.
· Cover images are correctly hidden again.
· More colors are configurable.
· Time information works for files longer than 999 seconds.
· mmp tries harder to find the artist and title of the file played.
· If no artist is found, codec information is displayed instead.

Last updated on December 8th, 2006

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