m2vmp2cut 0.82

m2vmp2cut is frame accurate (currently PAL) MPEG2 video (M2V file) with accompanied MP2 audio cutter.

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What's new in m2vmp2cut 0.82:

  • The CLI now requires source file/directory as the first argument (consistently).
  • Approximate audio levels are visualized in m2vcut.
  • A contrib/webm.sh script has been added.
  • Demux output files are now written to a subdirectory in the current directory.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Tomi Ollila
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m2vmp2cut is frame accurate (currently PAL) MPEG2 video (M2V file) with accompanied MP2 audio cutter.

Frame accuracy is achieved by re-encoding video around cutpoints. Audio is cut from a separate MP2 file at positions that keep A/V sync as good as possible (maximum sync difference is around 10-15 milliseconds compared to the source).


· transcode -- to drive mpeg2enc to re-encode required frames
· mjpegtools -- to mplex final output file
· ((ffmpeg -- as an alternative to mpeg2enc -- currently unused))
· perl -- main m2vmp2cut driver is written in perl
· python -- some m2vmp2cut utilities are written in python
· bash/ksh -- /bin/sh may not be good enough for some shell script constructs used.
· C compiler -- there are some C utilities that needs to be compiled.


First demux your mpeg2 file (containing PAL mpeg2 video and mp2 audio), best tool to do so is ProjecX as it can do demuxed files that keeps sync is remuxed even if there is problems in the source.

HINT: ProjectX can be used as command-line tool only, just: /path/to/java -jar /path/to/ProjectX.jar (misc/pxdemux.sh is my simple wrapper for that job)

Then determine frame-ranges where to cut; this program can dig information from ~/.lve/lveedit.lst so using LVE to find cutpoints is recommended.

Then, just enter `m2vmp2cut +' (after m2vmp2cut installed (see INSTALL)) and wait for results to appear in directory printed when work done.

Run `m2vmp2cut --help' to get more usage information.

Last updated on October 1st, 2012

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