iPod Video Encoder 1.0.2

iPod Video Encoder is a command line tool for convenient encoding of video files for use on iPod video.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
4.0/5 2
Arjan Scherpenisse
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Video
iPod Video Encoder is a command line tool for convenient encoding of video files for use on iPod video. iPod Video Encoder project uses the ffmpeg tool for the actual encoding.

It features recursive encoding of all files in a directory, and generating a podcast.xml file for convenient use in iTunes.

It can be used in a cron job that periodically checks directories for new files and encodes them without user intervention.

Here are some key features of "iPod Video Encoder":

Encoding of single files
Optional specification of a/v bitrates
Recursively encode all files in a directory
Generating a podcast.xml for convenient use in iTunes


--version show program's version number and exit

-h, --help show this help message and exit

-R, --recursive Process directories recusively

-f, --force Force re-encode existing iPod videos

-t, --test Only encode first 10 seconds, to produce test videos

Comma separated list of input extensions. Default: avi

-i IPODEXT, --ipodext=IPODEXT
iPod extension. Default: .ipod.mp4

-b VIDEO_RATE, --video-rate=VIDEO_RATE
Video bit rate, in kbps (default: 1024)

-a AUDIO_RATE, --audio-rate=AUDIO_RATE
Audio bit rate, in kbps (128)

-W WIDTH, --width=WIDTH
Video width, in pixels (default: 320)

-H HEIGHT, --height=HEIGHT
Video height, in pixels (default: 240)

-P, --pretend Do not really encode, just print out the ffmpeg
commands which would be executed

-v, --verbose Enable verbose output

Podcast options:

-p, --podcast Generate a podcast.xml file for each directory.

Podcast document root; eg. /var/data/Movies/

Podcast base URL; eg. http://localhost/

What's New in This Release:

Only uses the '-e' option for processing directories.
The default ipod extension is now _ipod.mp4 for Windows compatibility.
The README file has been extended with information on the .ipod-encoder settings file.
The program no longer crashes when HOME is not set on Windows.
--width and --height parameters have been added.

Last updated on January 20th, 2006

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