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iCam2 is a webcam program for X11 or the console.




iCam2 is a webcam application built around Video4Linux and Imlib2. The purpose for creating iCam2 was that, after (finally!) getting my parallel-port QuickCam VC operating, I needed some software to make use of it, but the only programs readily available either didn't support all the features I wanted, or required a camera that supports mmap(), which mine (currently) does not..

So, after spending some time tweaking the webcam application that is shipped as a part of the xawtv package, I decided to set out and create my own app. And this is it.

The primary design goals of this application are:

1) Provide an extensible, flexible, and quality webcam application.
2) Allow the app to run with an X11-preview interface. This used to be a three-window interface, but that annoyed me to no end, so now it is one window that shows a realtime image from your camera, after all applicable post-processing.
3) Provide a dynamic interface to plugins and filters. Check out SDLcam if you want to know why I think filters are cool. :)
Last updated on May 3rd, 2005

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