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GShow TV is a TV program schedule viewer and a Personal Video Recorder GUI.





GShow TV is a TV program schedule viewer and a Personal Video Recorder GUI. The basic purpose of GShow TV is to provide a nice GUI for viewing tv program schedule information and for recording the programs.

GShow TV doesn't itself do the recording of the selected programs, rather it uses any PVR solution that exists. GShow TV is globally usable as it uses XMLTV to access the program schedules, and xmltv has support for multitude of countries. (mid 2004 support for Canada, the USA, the UK, Germany, Austria, Finland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Japan, Sweden, France, Norway, Portugal and Romania)

The interface between the recording software and the GUI is two trivial shell scripts, which are of course modifiable by the user as they see fit. The reason why this separation is simple: On linux almost everybody who has a TV card on their computer uses a different recording solution.

The multitude of home made recording systems is countless. However, most home made systems don't include a nice GUI and hence GShow TV. GShow TV uses XMLTV for it's tv listing. GShow TV can be used as a TV Guide without it's recording functionality.


· libgtk-perl
· libwww-perl
· xmltv

What's New in This Release:

· Fixed: Grid display shows descriptions in complete lines.
· Fixed: Grid display shows a channel label instead if no custom channel image specified.
· Fixed: Channel image selection by double-click.
· Fixed: Hour formatting when using 24h display.
· Fixed: Disable gtk2 translations if gshowtv itself isn't translated.
· Fixed: Localization problems on some systems, utf-8 encoding problems.
· Improved handling of channel images.
· Manual localized in Swedish and French.
Last updated on September 4th, 2007
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