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fftv is a TV and radio viewer/recorder.




fftv project is a TV and radio viewer and recorder.

fftv is a TV viewer for use with TV cards and Video for Linux. It also features a radio user interface.

It can support recording of various formats and codecs including MPEG, AVI, and Ogg. It supports remote control if LIRC is installed.

It supports scheduled power-on/off recording/reminding if tcron is installed.

Here are some key features of "fftv":

· Ffmpeg with TV window(v4l, video for linux, tv card), all new Graphical User Interface written in GTK 2.x
· FM radio tuner support (all new GUI)
· User interface of Control pannel / Channel list / Codec-format(mpeg, mpeg4, vob, ogg, avi, etc)/bitrate/framerate
· Start/pause/stop recording, automatic file name numbering
· True fullscreen in overlay mode by switching to 640x480 mode. Resetting screensaver automatically.
· TV screen black border cropping. (viewing & output of recording)
· TV preview index page (mosaic window)
· Channel monitor(subwindow): You can use this to skip commercials.
· Countdown shutdown, which shuts down your PC when the time is up.
· Support LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control) (optional)
· Multi-state remote controller key mappings, support Reocrd/Stop functions on remote controllers without REC/STOP keys.
· Support mute, volume and media keys of your internet/multimedia keyboard
· Save the states of volume/MTS/color/contrast/brightness/hue by channel/dayofweek/hour
· Scheduled power-on/off recording/reminding of TV/radio programs
· External program schedule web page link
· On-screen display of time/channel/time of disk space remained for recording
· Optional window attributes of stay-on-top, multi-desktop sticky
· Built-in channel scan


· This application requires GTK+ version 2.2.x.

What's New in This Release:

· Some changes in putenv() caused ffrecord to fail.
· Now ffrecord uses setenv() instead.
· Desktop stay-on-top works again in Gnome 2.10, but it has a sid effect: it cannot accept keyboard input.
· There is a gcc 4.x compilation fix.
Last updated on January 17th, 2006

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