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A micro Linux distro that makes a CD able to boot and play audio/video content





eMoviX is a package that allows you to create bootable CDs able to autoplay & boot your multimedia files. It is intended mainly to play video files but if you want it can be used to play also audio files. I plan to release eventually a distro similar to eMoviX but aimed at audio only, so stay tuned!

The philosophy behind eMoviX is to make possible to generate video/audio CDs that are self-sufficient, i.e. that you can play on every PC regardless of what is installed on it: just insert the eMoviX CD inside a CD/DVD-ROM and boot the PC from there!

Video Formats Supported:

The world of video formats is a big mess, so it is not trivial for me to tell exactly which files will be played by eMoviX.
First of all, let me point out that eMoviX uses mplayer to display videos and therefore eMoviX works with a subset of the formats supported by mplayer, that you can find in the mplayer's info page.
Apart from that, these formats are reported to work fine with MoviX:
* avi files - in particular -->DivX
Last updated on November 24th, 2011
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