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dxr2gui is a DVD player only for Creative's dxr2 decoder card.




dxr2gui is a DVD player only for Creative's dxr2 decoder card. It can change the audio language, subpicture language, and tv out format during playing a movie. The aim of this software is to make it easy to watch a dvd. It helps you to change audio language, tvout format, subtitles, ... everything in the gui. you don't have to type any commands. It is a little bit like the windows dvd player.

Here are some key features of "dxr2gui":

Jump to next/previous chapter is working quite well
Timebar to choose a specific time to play
Change: audiolanguage, subtitlelanguage, tvout format during playing a movie is working
Overlay works
Eject / reload a DVD
Of course it can play encrypted DVD (because hardwaredecoding is included on the dxr2 decoder board)
Play , stop, pause

What's New in This Release:

Changed SMP support due to errors on non-SMP systems (RedHat7.0). PLEASE!!! Test it! i couldn't test it...
Thanks to Gerald Henriksen we now have a very good script that gets the correct path of kernel sources (/usr/src/linux or /lib/modules/"kernelversion"/build)
the dxr2-headers are now installed into /usr/include/dxr2
Last updated on July 20th, 2006

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