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A wrapper-script which incorporates a fully automated creation of a DVD-structure with Chapters and menus.





dvdwizard is a wrapper-script which incorporates a fully automated creation of a DVD-structure with Chapters and menus from one or more mpeg-streams.

This is done by several "sub-scripts" and various freely available tools. dvdwizard is free software distributed under the GPL license.


Just issue

#> dvdwizard my_movie.mpg

and go grab yourself a beer, have lunch oder whatever you like to do for about half an hour (depending on your machine's speed - for me it's 30 minutes on an Athlon 1.4 GHz, 512 MB).

Come back, issue

#> xine dvd://`pwd`/dvd/

and watch your DVD or burn it and take it to your stand-alone DVD.


- dvdauthor 0.6.11
- ImageMagick 5.5.7
- toolame 0.2l
- ppmtoy4m and mplex from mjpegtools 1.6.2
- mpeg2enc von libmpeg2 0.2.1
- transcode 0.6.4
- sed > 4.0

The above version number are the ones running on my box, so these should be working. I don't know about any other versions, so you'll have to try.

dvdwizard is a part of a whole DVB-streaming toolbox named udrec_suite aiming at users of the digital set-top box dBoxII running on Neutrino-Linux.

A lot of things have changed since the initial version. It is now possible to author multiple titlesets at once, PAL or NTSC is supported. If the movie has more than one audio stream, an audio selection menu will be shown, languages of audio tracks are now freely customizable. Also, a configuration file has been introduced.


Just copy the executable files to a directory that's in your $PATH and you're ready to go. If you achieved dvdwizard as part of udrec_suite, this will be accomplished by udrec_suite's installation routines, otherwise it must be done manually.

The following files from the tarball must be copied to a directory in your path:

- dvdwizard Main-Script
- mk_vtsm Creates Chapter-Selection-Menus
- mk_vtsm_audio Creates Audiotrack-Selection-Menu
- dvdwizardrc variouse subroutines, called from most other scripts
- chaptercheck Check and transform Chapter-Timecodes or intervals
- dvdtguess Guess movie title from filename
- dvdcpics Create Chapter-Screenshots for chapter selection menus
- mk_vmgm Create DVD main menu
- mpgprobe Get Video and Audio characteristics from MPEG-Stream

If you have an older version of dvdwizard running, you should backup the existing scripts before installing the new ones. Be sure to avoid any kind of mixture between old and new versions since they are by no means compatible. Too much has changed, sorry.

Since version 0.4 dvdwizard reads parameters from a configuration file. You find a sample file in the tarball named dvdwizard.conf.sample which should be installed the following way:

mkdir $HOME/.dvdwizard
cp dvdwizard.conf.sample $HOME/.dvdwizard/dvdwizard.conf

After that, feel free to load the file into your favourite editor and change it as needed. The sample file is well documented.
Last updated on April 7th, 2009

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