10.1 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
Transcode video files to DPG format suitable for Nintendo DS




dpgconv is a Python script to transcode video files to DPG format suitable for Nintendo DS.

dpgconv.py file1 file2 file3 ... fileN
command line options:
        0,1,2,3,4 sets DPG version.. default is DPG4
        sets pixel format, default is 3
        0        RGB15
        1        RGB18
        2        RGB21
        3        RGB24

        extra high quality 2-pass encoded video
        high quality video
        low quality video(takes no effect when --hq,-q is set)]
    default is normal quality
    -v,--vbps xxx
        sets video stream bps in kb/s(default: 256)
    -a,--abps xxx
        sets audio stream bps kb/s (default: 128)
    -f,--fps xx
        sets video frames per second (default:15)
        sets audio frequency (default:32000)
        2 - stereo, 1 - mono
        default is to leave as is unless input audio channels
        number is bigger then 2 ... then default is stereo
    --aid n
        use audio track n
        normalize volume
    --height xxx
        destination video height (default: 192)
    --width xxx
        destination video width (default: 256)
        try to keep aspect ratio
    NOTE:    width/height have no effect when --keep-aspect is set
        additional parameters for mencoder for video

        additional parameters for mencoder for audio

    Video Thumbnail
    --thumb xxx
        you can use this option if you convert only one video, or if
        you want the same preview for all videos.
        thumbnails are only in DPG4 videos.
        all formats supported by python imaging library can be used.
        the image will be resized and converted automically.
        NOTE: thumbnail will be generated autimatically
        from input video if you won't set this parameter

    Hardcoding subtitles
        do no try autoloading of subtitles
        (default is to try to load subtitle with matching filename)
    --sub,-s xxx
        Specify subtitles for hardcoding into video output
        (is obviously only usable if you specify one file at a time)
    --sid n
        use subtitle track n
    --subcp xxx
        specify subtitles encoding
    --font xxx
        specify font for subtitles
    --font ~/arial-14/font.desc
    --font ~/arialuni.ttf
    --font 'Bitstream Vera Sans'

  You can specify font, subcp and other additional mencoder parameters in
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