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This Open Source project enables encoding of video files or DVDs to the DivX format

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From the developer of the widely used h264enc and xvidenc projects, we are proud to introduce you to the divxenc open source utility that uses the famous MEncoder video encoding tool from the MPlayer project to encode video files or DVD-Video discs to the high-quality DivX/FMP4 MPEG-4 video format.

It is an interactive shell script ripper that provides users with the same set of encoding options that can be found on the xvidenc project, such as the One Pass, Two Pass, Three Pass and Fixed-Quant Pass modes.

Each pass mode can be used with a preset. The program comes with a wide range of pre-defined DivX quality presets, including normal quality, high quality, very high quality, extreme high quality, ultra high quality, insane high quality, standalone HW compatible, Sony PlayStation 3, and Apple iPod.

In addition, it lets users to use batch files, edit the configuration file, reset the config file, perfom a sanity check, view detailed information about a video file, DVD-Video or VCD disc, create an ISO image of a DVD-Video disc, calculate SAR (Storage Aspect Ratio), PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio) and Bits Per Pixel values.

When using this program to encode video files, users should keep in mind that the neroaacenc package is required for AAC+ encoding, vorbis-tools is needed for Ogg Vorbis encoding, and the ogmtools package must be installed for OGM muxing and exporting of DVD chapters.

Additionally, you will need the gpac package for converting AVI files to the MP4 video format, the pv utility for dumping DVD ISO images, as well as the MKVToolnix software for converting AVI videos to the popular MKV (Matroska) file format.

All in all, divxenc is a free and straightforward command-line utility for converting between various video file types using the MEncoder video encoding, decoding and filtering utility. It enables users to produce high-quality MPEG-4 DviX digital video files with minimum effort.

divxenc was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on May 6th, 2014
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