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Video4Linux Grab is a realtime Video4Linux recording software.





Video4Linux Grab is a realtime Video4Linux recording software.

It makes it possible to record AVI DivX files in realtime from any Video4Linux device.

The project is in development state, but at this time it's possible to get a version which can capture in realtime.

At a later point, a full support for scheduled capturing from different channels at different time to different files. This is at the moment not very comfortable but I'm still going on!

I use for recording to a AVI file the AVI Filelibrary. This library implements in C++ a standard interface for different stream formats to write a stream to an AVI file.

For encoding I use the XviD encoder, because he is much faster as the original DIVX5 codec and makes a better quality. The results above are also possible if you use the orignal DIVX5 codec, but in real shit quality. Under Linux only a "small" version is available for free so I recoment to use the XviD codec!

Also a linear deinterlacer is implemented. This one use the MMX extenions of modern processors and don't reduce the overall load too much. It also makes a good quality and improves the quality of the movie extremly. The sample movies are recorded without the deinterlacer, so a better quality in fast scenes are now possible.
Last updated on January 27th, 2006
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