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An Open Soruce suite of command-line utilities for transcoding video and audio files

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Transcode is an open source and free command-line software that contains a collection of tools for transcoding audio and video files, as well as to convert between various container formats. It can import DVD-Video discs or record the signal captured from any Video4Linux-compatible device.

This tool uses modules to transcode audio and video files. Currently, it integrates several modules that allow you to import MPEG video streams, YUV4MPEG streams, MPEG elementary (ES) streams, VOB files (program streams), NuppelVideo video files, as well as compressed (pass-through) or RAW video streams.

Also based on modules, the export capabilities of the software will allow you to output files in the MPEG-1/2, XviD, DV (Digital Video), uncompressed AVI files with PCM, AC3 (pass-through) or MPEG audio, DivX 4.02, DivX 5.xx or DivX;-) file formats.

Features at a glance

The program has been engineered in such a way that it can encode and decode as many audio and video streams as possible, including MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, Quicktime, MPEG-PS, MP3 and AC3. It supports threads and shared libraries.

In addition, the software includes numerous video and audio pre- and post-processing filters, including video de-interlacing, audio resampling, framerate conversion, smoothing, and cutting. Supports basic audio and video frame transformations, and lets you to quickly resize video frames or load external filters.

Command-line options

Being a command-line utility, Transcode comes with various options that can be viewed at a glance by running the ‘transcode --help’ command on a terminal emulator. For your convenience, the command-line options are organized in categories.

These allow you to easily interact with input, output and control files, with input stream selection, with input stream format, with output stream format, with video processing, with audio processing, with multimedia codecs, with other processing functions, as well as with cluster, chapters and PSU modes.

Transcode was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on November 14th, 2014
Transcode - The help message of the transcode command, as viewed from the Linux TerminalTranscode - Viewing various command-line options of TranscodeTranscode - The usage message of the Transcode utilityTranscode - The output of the transcode -h comamnd, as viewed from the Linux Terminal

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