Tivoserver 0.4.3

Tivoserver is a software that lets you watch any video from your computer on your TV through your Tivo.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.5/5 16
Weston Sewell
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Tivoserver is a software that lets you watch any video from your computer on your TV through your Tivo. It uses the Tivo's built in Multi-Room Viewing feature, so watching the videos is just about as effortless as watching any show in your "Now Playing" list.

Tivoserver is a great option for watching video podcasts on your TV instead of your tiny computer monitor; practically turning your Tivo into an IPTV client.


You need a Series 2 Tivo that is connected to your home network along with your computer. Unfortunately you will also need to hack your Tivo and apply the Superpatch. For more information check out the Deal Database Forums. We hope to someday support "out of the box" Series 2 Tivos, but it is no currently unclear how attainable that goal is.
You need a PC running Linux, Windows or an Apple running Mac OS X.

What's New in This Release:

Integrated "AVI" support by linking against libavcodec (ffmpeg) and libmplex.
"AVI" support is now expanded to basically support any video format supported by libavcodec when it was built.
Caching of video file information to speed tivoserver startup. A cache is created to store the information from each new video file found. On future startups, tivoserver loads the information from the cache file instead of loading the (usually) large video file and possibly having to load it through libavcodec to determine support. This speeds tivoserver startup quite a lot (for large collections).
Modification of video details. The caching mechanism allows for the modification of the information about videos. To edit the information, the user just finds the relevant cache file and (carefully) changes it's contents (see README).
More fixes for grouping / sorting (though there are still some bugs).
Directory watching. Tivoserver now watches your video directories for new or deleted files and adds/deletes them in the tivoserver listing. New files are added every 60 seconds. Old files are removed every 10 minutes. PLEASE DO NOT move files from one video directory to another while tivoserver is running. There is currently a bug that causes tivoserver's cache to get very confused if you do this.

Last updated on March 10th, 2008

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