Stream-2-Stream 1.0

Stream-2-Stream allows anyone with a normal broadband connection to set up their own internet television or radio station, free.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jason Hooks
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Stream-2-Stream project (abbreviated "s2s" or "S2S") allows anyone with a normal broadband connection to set up their own radio station or internet television, for free.

Stream-2-Stream stations have no user limit; stations can be set up without paying a fortune for bandwidth. Stream-2-Stream saves bandwidth by passing streams from one peer to another, rather than everyone getting a stream from one central server (Shoutcast/Icecast).

Supported codecs are MP3, NSV, and Ogg Vorbis.

Here are some key features of "Stream 2 Stream":

· Integrated MP3, Ogg media player. No external media player needed to listen!!!
· Easy to use GUI
· Bandwidth is tested automatically for the best p2p streaming performance
· Settings are saved to xml
· Easy to use server command-line
· A shoutcast/icecast internet radio/TV Station is used as the source
· Freeloaders/Leechers (peers that only listen but don't want to send out the stream to other listeners) will be detected
· The data stream can be signed; you can be sure that it arrives unchanged
· Very efficient communication (low overhead).
· The network structure can be viewed with a monitor
· Peers can be denied service
· Streams can be recorded to files for later viewing

What's New in This Release:

· s2s protocol version 3 provides streaming through TCP, UDP, and Multicast+.
· The number of listeners can be seen.
· GUI mechanics fixed
· Connecting improved
· LanPages changed to multicast
· Player and Web ports switched for easy port forwarding.
· Public player connections can now be toggled in the options menu.
· Xml file can be specified with the arg -x file.xml

Last updated on May 9th, 2006

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