MovieFinder 2.0.4

Easily catalog/browse your movie collection.
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MovieFinder is the program you need if you want to keep an inventory of your personal movie collection.

A very helpfull feature of MovieFinder is that movie information and a cover image are automatically downloaded from IMDb.

Easily pick out movies to watch.

- Its features concentrate on narrowing down movies displayed based on selected criteria.
- Display criteria can be used concurrently in any combination, with absolutely no restrictions.
- For example, you can have the program display all movies that have Action AND Suspense AND entered your library after a certain date AND stars a specific actor AND has a minimum personal rating of XXX (AND several other fields).

You can continue narrowing down movies displayed in this fashion based on the following criteria:

- 21 different genres, including one custom genre
- Personal rating (1-5 stars)
- Director or Actor/Actress
- MPAA Rating
- Year of production
- Date of entry into your collection
- In Stock/Checked Out status
- Checked out to a specific name/location

The 'Selections' tab looks nearly identical to the 'Genre Searcher' tab, but the source of movies displayed is different.

- Instead of displaying your library, it displays movies that you have previously 'selected' for various reasons.
- Movies can be selected by clicking on the titles from the 'Genre Searcher' tab or by clicking on the 'Select this Movie' button on the 'Movie Details' tab.
- You can print a list of your current selections (or even delete them from your library) via the 'Options' tab.
- You can further narrow down your selections the same way you did on the 'Genre Searcher' tab.
- Selections are remembered whenever you save the current state of your library.

The 'Poster View' tab allows you to browse your movies' associated movie posters / DVD covers.

- Change the source of movies displayed in the left column via radio buttons
- Zoom in on the image or switch to that movie's details.

Main features:

  • Keep an inventory of your personal movie collection.
  • Movie information and a cover image are automatically downloaded from IMDb.
  • Easily pick out movies to watch.
  • Keep a group of 'selections' you or your guests are currently interested in watching.
  • Browse posters / DVD cover images.
  • Customize program appearance.
  • Same download runs on ANY Operating System.

last updated on:
December 17th, 2008, 8:28 GMT
developed by:
Mark Haag
license type:
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Video

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