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Monotheka is a DivX/XviD/DVD movie database for film buffs & collectors.




Monotheka is a simple application to organize and keep track of your movie catalogue. Monotheka runs on Linux platform using the GTK toolkit. It's designed to be simple and GNOME / HIG compliant. It's written in Mono. It's free.

Monotheka is in an early stage of development, but it's already pretty usable. Development happens on Novell Forge, you're encouraged to join the project.

Here are some key features of "Monotheka":

Add/Edit/Delete movies
Search through database to quickly list (& sort) movies by director, movies by year etc.
Customizable view
Plugin interface to import data
Plugin interface to export data.
Plugin interface to auto-fill movie data from external sources
Intelligent "remember values" system. Once you enter something (director, borrower, country...) in to any combobox it stays there.
Flagging movies in the collection (rare, broken cd, copy needed, etc.)
Movies are highlighted with custom colors (new, borrowed, overborrowed)
Borrowers management


CSVImport - Imports data from comma-separated text file.
TXTExport - to export collection to plaintext file
IMDBGet - to auto-fill movie data from IMDB (by title)
FilmwebGet - to fetch movie data from
AVIGet - to auto-fill movie data (Codecs, Resolution) from AVI file
HTMLExport - to export collection to HTML (with layout templates)


MONO >= 1.0.6 (MONO 1.1.x strongly recommended)
gtk-sharp >= 1.0.4
gnome-sharp >= 1.0.4
gtkhtml-sharp >= 1.0.4
gconf-sharp >= 1.0.4
sqlite >= 2.8
Linux x86 machine
GNOME desktop (glib)

What's New in This Release:

This a maintainance release that fixes some compilation problems under newer mono versions.
Last updated on April 6th, 2006

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