MVideo 0.89.99

MVideo is an advanced manager for your film collection.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Luca Roccia
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MVideo is an advanced manager for your film collection.

MVideo manages a collection of films It uses a MySQL database to store all the information needed to manage all genres of movie archives.

It is written in C# and works with mono(c) and has some advanced features like retrieving film from iMDB(c) or Amazon(c).


· Mono
· Gtk+ for graphic [>= 2.4.0]
· MySQL for database [>= 4.0.0]

Here are some key features of "MVideo":

· Add/delete an unlimited number of collections
· Add/delete/modify titles
· Notes
· Setup
· Project stats
· Single collection setup
· Import archive
· Export archive
· Open archive
· Search
· Save searches
· Search films on-line with:
· Amazon
· IMDb
· Check for new versions on-line
· Skinnable film sheet
· Print
· Gnome/KDE integration
· Fast

What's New in This Release:

· Core: major
· Ported to mono 0.96
· Possible bug in importing/opening posters fixed
· Database: major
· Ported to version 5:
· Added table for saved searched
· Search: major
· Local: new
· Base
· Extra
· Save searches (they will be presented in main list)
· Internet: minor
· Fixed many ImDB search problems
· Skins: major
· User can save skins in "~/.mvideo/skins"
· More information
· Import/Update skins directly from the net
· Gui: major
· Restyle:
· Substituted the main notebook with a side menu
· Film list now has more infos (year and rating)
· Film list now has side menu with:
· Reload lists
· Quick search (by title)
· List of saved searches
· Film list now has a view for film poster
· Reorganized menus
· "Right mouse click" popup-menu implemented in film sheet and help window
· Poster selection now has a preview
· Clicking onto the logo will close it
· Install: minor
· Update dependancies to mono 0.96 and gtk-sharp 0.98
· Removed dependancy from gtkhtml (anyway gtkhtml is still needed)
· Use mysql dlls provides by mono
· Misc: major
· More statistics
· Removed limitation of one only film download from IMDb and Amazon
· Possibility to open a consolle to manually work with MySQL
· Possibility to automatically open default collection on startup
· Interals: major
· All search windows use the same film list for consinstency
· Updated Setup-bar:
· Manage elements without container
· Respect the Gtk-style used by user
· Possibility to manage preview poster
· Retrieve an unique the number associated with an element
· Written procedure to automatically update database

Last updated on August 4th, 2005

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