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KatchTV is an "Internet TV" application for KDE. KatchTV makes it easy to subscribe to "TV" channels from all over the internet in the form of podcasts, so that you can browse channels, download shows, and watch them, all from one convenient interface.

KatchTV is very similar to Democracy TV, but focuses on KDE integration, using KHTMLPart and embedded players such as kaffeine. It's much faster, and lighter on resources if you run a KDE desktop without GTK apps.

Installation is easy, as long as your distro has PyKDE, PyQt, and Kaffeine. Just untar to some directory like /usr/local, and run the KatchTV program. You can also make a symlink to that executable from a directory like /usr/local/bin, and KatchTV will work out where to find its files.

Comments welcome; let me know if you've any problems using it.


· python (2.4+ advised)
· PyKDE and PyQt
· Kaffeine
· KMPlayer
· Mozplugger


To actually install this, the easiest way is just to move the untarred directory to some location like /usr/local/KatchTV, and then make a symlink from that directory's KatchTV executable into /usr/local/bin or your personal ~/bin directory.

So basically, from scratch, you can do:

cd /usr/local
tar xvjf /path/to/the_downloaded/KatchTVtarball.tar.bz2
ln -s /usr/local/KatchTV/KatchTV /usr/local/bin/KatchTV

Then, just run KatchTV from the command line, or make a KDE icon for it.

What's New in This Release:

· Display feeds in reverse chronological (latest first) order always (fixes a regression)
· Separately track unseen/seen vs. new/old episodes
· Better coloring for new/old/downloaded episodes, so it's easy to see what's new
· Various small bugfixes and improvements
· (internal) improvements to code documentation
Last updated on June 5th, 2007
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