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A simple Kommander script for converting PSP UMD backups to the ISO, DAX and CSO file formats

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ISO - DAX - CSO Converter is an open source application that allows users to easily convert between the ISO, DAX and CSO file formats used to backup UMD (Universal Media Disc) games for the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) gaming console.

Comprises of several command-line utilities

It uses the ciso, daxcr and umdsign command-line utilities to convert between the aforementioned formats. It was also used for converting PostScript and PDF document files to a series of PNG images, thanks to the Docmaker, ImageMagick, and Popstation programs.

All these tools are officially distributed in the source archive of the project. However, you can download and install them separately from the default software channels of your Linux distribution.

Easy to use graphical user interface

The graphical user interface (GUI) for the project is easy to use and provides users with four main sections, ISO to DAX, ISO to CSO, DAX to ISO, and CSO to ISO. As you probably imagine, the first tab is used for converting ISO images to DAX files.

The second tab is used for converting ISO images to CSO files, the third one for converting DAX files to ISO images, and the fourth one for converting CSO files to ISO images. Each tab presented users with its own settings.

Under the hood

Under the hood, the application is written in the Qt3 GUI toolkit, using the deprecated Kommander IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software. Unfortunately, it is no longer supported by the recent Qt Creator application and the modern Qt4 and Qt5 GUI toolkits.

Bottom line

Summing up, ISO - DAX - CSO Converter is a deprecated software, so you should use either the command-line tools that it is based on or any other graphical utility that can do the same thing and it’s supported on modern Linux OSes. After all, it was just an attempt to create a GUI front-end for those command-line programs.

ISO - DAX - CSO Converter was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on November 22nd, 2014
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