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Globe7 is a soft phone with integrated voice, video, IM, and real-time video streaming, powered by online advertising.




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Globe7 is a soft phone with integrated voice, video, IM, and real-time video streaming, powered by online advertising. The project allows you to make free calls from PC to PC (voice and video), PC to mobile, and PC to landline by watching videos in Globe7 TV.

Here are some key features of "Globe7":


Globe7 converts your laptop or desktop computer into a second telephone. You can make calls to any phone across the Globe. You can also receive unlimited free incoming calls from any landline or mobile phone. With Globe7, PC to PC calling is absolutely FREE

Globe7 TV

Globe7 presents you incessant entertainment with free video streaming. You can watch video clips in different categories and you can also earn FREE talk time to your Globe7 account. Video on Demand and matured pay per view content are coming soon

Phone Book

You can add your non Globe7 members to your phone book and make calls directly from the phone book


You can search the Web while making calls or chatting with your friends

My Earnings

Check the details of amount earned by watching Globe7 TV

My channel

You can upload your video files and share it among the friends up to a capacity of 1GB

Instant Messaging (Chat)

You can send messages to your Globe7 friends who are online by using the 'Chat' option

Follow Me Service

With 'Follow Me Service' facility, you can get your calls redirected to your landline or mobile when you are offline


You can send SMS to any mobile across the Globe using the SMS feature available in Globe7

My calls

You can view the list of incoming calls, outcalls and missed calls

View Channel

For viewing the video content of your buddies you can choose this option


AMD/ Intel 1.7 GHz or higher
kernel 2.6
256 MB or higher
Sound drivers installed/updated in your system. Headset (with speaker and mic)
Mozilla/ Firefox (mandatory)
128 kbps bandwith

What's New in This Release:

New Globe7 1.1 released in Fedora 2, Fedora 4, Fedora 5, Redhat EL4, SUSE, The enhancements which are dine to new version is Globe7 TV with high quality, and futher version will be released soon with more features like VIDEO CALL, Conference CHAT, and SEARCH friends, and many more
Last updated on April 20th, 2007

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