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Take one picture of yourself a day, automatically generate a movie!




FaceMovie is a simple Python project that aims at helping you create videos of yourself over time, using photos as input. Simply take several pictures of yourself in the same position, and decide when to compile everything into a video. Just indicate the location of your pictures, Facemovie does everything else for you.

I see a growing interest for projects where people take one picture of themselves a day for several months (years ?) and compile it into a video. When searching on the web, I realized that there was only one software allowing people to do this, the everyday paid iphone app. I hope that Facemovie could help some of you! The main difference with everyday is that Facemovie searches automatically for faces in the input images and compile them in the best possible way, so that your video look awesome.

Due to its general implementation, FaceMovie may be used for faces, but also profiles (for projects showing women along pregnancy for example or full body(for people workouting). The only limitation comes from you!



You can also simply clone the project from Github and use it as you wish.

git clone git://github.com/jlengrand/FaceMovie.git

This is a very good solution if you already have Python2.7 and OpenCV installed on your system (see requirements chapter).

To check the code, simply open a command line and try to run the Facemovifier :

 cd my\cloned\folder
 python facemovie\Facemoviefier.py -h

Scripts are available for Windows and Linux (called run.sh and run_windows.sh) in order to help you run Facemovie.
Last updated on June 2nd, 2012

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