Enfle 20101006

Enfle is a simple and fast graphic viewer/sound player/movie player.

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What's new in Enfle 20101006:

  • configure.in, plugins/loader/Makefile.am, plugins/loader/webp/Makefile.am, plugins/loader/webp/webp.c: Added webp loader plugin.
  • plugins/loader/jpeg/jpeg.c: Disable YUV output for jpeg by default. With YUV output, we cannot use effect plugins.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 20
Hiroshi Takekawa
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Video
Enfle is a simple and fast graphic viewer/sound player/movie player. It doesn't have a GUI interface.

Enfle project supports these file types: BMP, GIF, PCX, PNG, PNM, JPEG, XBM, JPEG2000, XPM, animated GIF, MNG MPEG (mpeg1, mpeg2), AVI, Ogg, ogm, Vorbis, ASF, and WMV (codecs supported by avcodec and Windows DMO).


Basically, type ./configure && make, that's all. If you get some error messages, please let me know with config.log, your environment, or such useful information.

After successfully compiled, type make install.

You can pass several options to configure script. You can see help message by typing ./configure --help.

Plugins are compiled as a shared object. Filename should end with .so. If you get not .so but only .a, the chances are your system
cannot/don't create shared object.

If you'd like to enable susie plugin extension, add --enable-spi. If you'd like to enable libungif, add --with-ungif.

Put Susie plugins on the directory specified by spi/dir in configuration file. It might be able to decode pictures, or might fail to decode, or even might fail to load. Your mileage may vary. Please inform me of your result.

What's New in This Release:

A RAR archiver plugin was implemented.
Some fixes were made for x86-64.
The Converter UI plugin double-free bug was fixed.
A stricter MIT-SHM check was added.
MIT-SHM must be disabled for remote display.

Last updated on October 7th, 2010

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