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Post-production software for videos and images.






EKD (EnKoDeur-Mixeur) was firstly maked only for animation encodings in divx, mpeg1 or motion jpeg format, then it advanced to propose post-productions operations for the animated files and for the pictures. About the pictures, EKD makes treatment by pack (that means it can work easily with one or more pictures). EKD uses the following applications: Python, PyQt4, Python Imaging Library, FFmpeg, Mplayer-Mencoder, ffmpeg2theora, ImageMagick, Numpy, Lame. NEW (!!!) - FFmpeg, Lame

The Egonomic is one of the master words which charaterize this freeware. So the using is really simple. EKD has been created for the user confort.

EKD was born from specifically needs of an amateur short film project, then it was naturally added features non directly linked with this project. EKD offers some interesting possibilities, as the video file encoding, the pictures pack conversion into animated files, the compositing, the chroma key ... the sequence edit. In fact, EKD is in the same time a software treating the pictures and the video files.

What's a video in fact ?. Pictures that succeeds the other with a specifically
frequency (24 pictures per second, for example), we see this like a movement, that is an animated picture. Treating picture by EKD, that's give them the possibility to transform into video file. EKD isn't a freeware really created for the pictures treatment or the video retouches, but for the two in the same time !. It is essentially for those who want to make picture and video treatments with a simple method, without use a too harder software.
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