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DVR is a Digital Video Recorder.





DVR is short from Digital Video Recorder.

In a few words DVR is a simple and efficient software aiming at recording digital video on a Linux computer.

DVR runs on computers equipped with one or more video capture cards. It can record and compress audio and video in real time, using recent codecs like DivX or Indeo 5 for example. See the page features for more details.

Here are some key features of "DVR":

records simultaneously video and audio streams
uses standard AVI file format for data storage
uses common codecs like mpg4 for video, mp3 for audio
writes segmented files, in order to split large files
threaded : take profit of multi-processors computers
horizontal margin removal during capture

DVR GUI features

nice and easy to use graphical user interface, with direct "start" and "stop" buttons
simultaneous preview and capture (depends on your hardware capabilities)
fullscreen preview
configurable start time and duration. DVR will automatically start to record at a fixed date, and will stop after a fixed duration.
detailled monitoring during recording (free space left, frames lost, CPU usage, ...)
saves parameters on stop, and reloads them on launch
translated in english, french and german

DVR Console features

runs without X-Window, as a standalone background task
can be launched several times simultaneously, in order to record from several video sources
in progress : starts to record on move detection
in progress : remote distributed control


a video device driven by the V4L interface
shared qt-3 libraries (or later)
shared avifile 0.7 libraries
pthread libraries
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