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DVD-Baker is a small suite of programmes designed to turn your image collection into a DVD.




DVD-Baker project is a small suite of programmes designed that can turn your image collection into a DVD.

Your image collection can be stored in a web gallery such as Menalto Gallery G2.

Formerly known as gallery2-to-dvd, DVD-Baker has evolved from a brute-force (hack) bash script to a php/bash combination that allows you to bake your DVD on a computer other than your webserver.

Here are some key features of "DVD Baker":

Menu system based on the root and branch albums/folders
Slideshows made from the images in each leaf album using dvd-slideshow
An album's highlight is embedded in it's corresponding menu
Subtitles for each image (switchable)
Customisable image durations and transition effects
Autoplay after menu timeout plays each slideshow sequentially
Random autoplay (optional) if using dvdauthor 0.6.12
Options menu (optional) for toggling subtitles, autoplay and repeat modes
Either NTSC or PAL video formats
DVD-compliant MPEG movies can be included
High or low quality modes

How DVD-Baker works

It's as simple as RECIPE => BAKE => BURN !!!

1. Prepare the recipe:
For Menalto Gallery G2:

g2-dvd-recipe.php needs to be placed in the base directory of your G2 site.

2. Baking the ingredients:

Running dvd-baker will produce all the slideshows and menus as specified by the recipe.

A file called dvdauthor.xml will be produced describing all those menus and slideshows, and how they work together.

3. Burning the DVD:

If you didn't specify the -d option for dvd-baker, then:

$ dvdauthor -x dvdauthor.xml

To burn the dvd, use your preferred burning application to create a DVD-Video from the resultant ./DVD directory.

What's New in This Release:

A few important features have been added.
The most requested may be the ability to specify the gallery album to bake (rather than the user's root album), and the ability to specify an album to use to create a DVD leader (a title played before the root menu is shown).
Also included is an optional 'Options Menu System', which can be accessed by pressing the 'SUBTITLE' button (or F3 in gxine) to toggle options such as SUBTITLES, AUTOPLAY, and REPEAT during playback.
Minor cleanups and bugfixes are included.
Last updated on April 13th, 2006

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