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Codeine is a very simple xine-based media player.





Codeine project is a very simple xine-based media player.

Here are some key features of "Codeine":

· Plays DVDs, VCDs, all video formats *
· Bundled with a simple web-page KPart () Starts very quickly
· Simple, uncluttered interface
· "Session based"
· Intelligent behaviour
· You can record http streams with the hidden record action
· You can use drag and drop to play files. Try dragging shoutcast stream playlists, they will play too.


· xine-lib 1.0.0
· KDElibs 3.3
· X11R6, a computer, some video files to play.


I use scons + bksys as the build system. But you can still do the following:

% ./configure && make && su -c "make install"

Or if you have scons installed, simply:

% scons && su -c "scons install"

Note that scons is a little silly and this kind of thing doesn't work:

% ./configure --prefix=/foo/bar --debug=full

Instead do:

% ./configure prefix=/foo/bar debug=full

Planned Features:

The following features will probably be added before 1.0.0:

· Playback speed control
· Frame capture (screenshots of the video)
· Stream recording
· A KPart, strictly for embedding in KHTML, possibly in Konqueror also

The main reason I am adding these features is I think they are useful and it would also be a shame to not take advantage of the facilities xine offers.

If you don't think Codeine needs any of these features then please write to me and say so! I am making Codeine for you, the users, so if you don't like it I have failed.

What's New in This Release:

· Mute button for KPart
· Play DVD entry for KDE 3.5 + media:/ when DVD inserted
· DVD-Menu-Toggle is no longer a KToggleAction because I can't detect when DVD menus change, but it still acts as a toggle button
· Made record work for systems other than mine! (hard-coded path)
· Made record shortcut CTRL-R so it doesn't conflict with the DVD-Root-Menu toggle
· videoWindow doesn't judder when toolbar appears in fullscreen anymore
· dvd-toolbar is gone, instead root menu button appears when dvd is playing
· toolbar in fullscreen mode shows on mouse move
· toolbar in fullscreen mode respects user-positioning
· media kioslave support
· double-clicking the video toggles fullscreen
· don't show part in K-Menu
· a volume toolbar button, - available from the configure-toolbar dialog, it's not very good yet
Last updated on May 12th, 2006

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