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CherryTV is a simple TV remote implemented as a Web page.





CherryTV is a simple TV remote implemented as a Web page.

I have had a Bt878-based TV tuner for quite a while.

I have not made good use of it, though.

While it works great both in Linux and Windows, I have some hardware issues... my only PC that can take a PCI card is my file server. Which is tucked away in a corner, and lacks any kind of monitor (or mouse. or keyboard).

So, watching TV there was not possible. The obvious solution is a streaming video feed that could be accessed everywhere at home using my wireless network.

But... what could I use?

I decided that the simplest streaming server that could be accessed from windows and linux was VLC.

It is a bit tricky to get the right incantation, but here it is:

vlc -v --color v4l:/dev/video --sout

Then you can access it from windows using mms:// and from Linux using mmsh:// (if anyone knows why I have to use different URLs, I'd like to know).

It doesn't work from mplayer, which is my default video app, but well.. it works.
Then there is a snag... how can you change channels? Well, you can't, it seems.
So, I wrote a throwaway CherryPy app in an hour or so, and I called it CherryTV.

How does it work (currently nerds-only)?
ˇ You use xawtv to build a list of your TV stations using the channel editor.
ˇ Copy your .xawtv file as xawtv in CherryTV´s folder (one example included)
ˇ Have v4lctl handy, and make sure it works like this:
ˇ v4lctl setstation someStationName
ˇ Start CherryTV
ˇ Start vlc streaming as mentioned above (change IP as needed)
ˇ Change stream URLs in
ˇ Start
ˇ Point your favourite browser to http://whatever:8080
ˇ Choose whether your embedded video player works or not, and whether you use mms:// or mmsh:// URLs
ˇ Open your external viewer if needed.
ˇ Watch TV and be happy.
Last updated on May 15th, 2006
CherryTV - screenshot #1

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