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A simple user interface for AMV-Codec-Tools





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Bytessence MPxConverter provides a simple UI (user interface) to the AMV-Codec-Tools, a fork of FFMpeg that provides media conversion for chipods (cheap mp4 players, usually clones of popular brands). It is based on the same code as the (discontinued) AMVConverter, but it now is compatible with both Actions and Sunplus players. The program kept features from its predecessor, mainly portable code, ease of use, speed and multilingual interface while adding extended conversion support.

Features over the standard conversion tool:

- Much faster conversion
- Smaller size
- Portable, does not use registry
- Multilingual, multiplatform
- Open-source code

Important note: The AMV muxer (the encoder used in FFMpeg) is in alpha stage! This means that the video quality may not be the best and there might be problems inside. If you prefer quality over speed for AMV videos then you should use the standard converter that came on the CD with your player. MPxConverter is just a simple user interface to help convert videos faster than using the classic converter. It wasn't created to compete with any other product.
Last updated on May 8th, 2009
Bytessence MPxConverterBytessence MPxConverterBytessence MPxConverter

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