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Blu-ray video authoring tools suite allow you to produce Blu-ray video discs.




Blu-ray video authoring tools package is a free open source suite of Blu-ray (BD-R and BD-RE) authoring tools that allow you to produce Blu-ray video discs.

mkudfiso (Blu-ray authoring tool set), a utility to create ISO images containing
a pure UDF filesystem, intended primarily for Blu-ray authoring but can be used
for any purpose (including CD-R and DVD-R). This tool can be used to author individual files larger than 4GB, which is a requirement for Blu-ray and other high-definition formats.

THIS TOOL DOES NOT GENERATE ISO 9660 STRUCTURES. Use "mkisofs" if you want ISO 9660, Joliet, Rock Ridge, etc. in the structure. This is a pure UDF generator.


· GCC 4.x (may compile with 3.x, never tried it)
· C++ standard template libraries


In the top directory (the one with this README file) use the ./configure script to set up all the makefiles. Or, if GNU autoconf and automake are installed, use ./ to clean out the source tree and rebuild the ./configure script.

Then type "make" followed by "make install".

This installs "mkudfiso" into /usr/bin or whatever --prefix you specified.

What it does:

This program masters an ISO image that can be burned to CD, DVD, or HD-DVD/Blu-ray. Like mkisofs this takes a specific directory and uses it's contents to generate the ISO.

The structures generated are (should be?) UDF v1.02 compliant.

Motivations for writing this:

· I need a pure UDF filesystem for Blu-ray authoring
· The stupid 4GB per-file limit in mkisofs
· Learning experience to better understand the ECMA-167 and OSTA standards


· All files and folders show up properly. However, there seems to be a minor issue with certain commands (like "find") that prevents a recursive directory search from happening.
Last updated on June 18th, 2007

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