AVI TV Episode File Resizer 2.5

AVI TV Episode File Resizer was made to fit (resize the file) multiple Xvid TV episodes (entire season) on a single DVD.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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AVI TV Episode File Resizer
AVI TV Episode File Resizer script is not for multiple MOVIE files (only TV) however it can do SINGLE MOVIE files quite nicely. The project was designed to help me fit (resize the file) multiple Xvid TV episodes (entire season) on a single DVD. Most of the time a TV series is almost exactly the same hours, mins, secs.

That enables this script to set the video bitrate the same for every file (episode) being processed to get the desired file size. The calculation is based on the hours, mins, seconds and the desired file size you want. If you correctly enter the time you will end up with a file size VERY close to the value you entered. The episodes will likley vary about 10 secs or so. Try to average that out when you select the episode time

The new files will have the EXACT same name as the old files so the input and output cannot be in the same DIRECTORY.

The "input files" selector can select multiple files so you can encode one or many files.

If you select an entire season (about 25 episodes) of files it could take quite a few hours to complete. The progress bar updates AFTER the completion of the first file and after every file there after. The current file being processed is displayed in the bottom status bar.

Transcode single pass is used to REencode the files.

Each file will be REencoded with MP3 audio bitrate of 96 kbps. The video is REencoded with the Xvid4 codec.

I used this script to go from 230MB to 175MB with good results. That saved me almost 1.4G for the season (25 episodes) and let me get it on a single DVD to play on my stand alone player.

You should try it with a single file first to check the quality and then do a batch job.

There are other tools to do this but this one can be setup and going in less than 1 min.

It takes almost 10 hours to do an entire season (25 episodes) at an episode time of 25 min 30 sec with a target file size of 171MB (ends up being about 174.8MB)


xvid codec

What's New in This Release:

Added selectable quality (encoding speed)

If you choose the "Best" quality option the encoding process is VERY slow but worth the wait. Choose this option if you are trying to really cut down the file size. I use it to go from 350 to 171 MB (45 min video) with very good resuts. A 45 min video will complete in about 1 hour 30 min. The "Good" quality option might be used if you are only trying to knock 30 or 40 MB off of a 350 MB or larger file. The encoding is MUCH quicker. A 45 min video will complete in about 35 or 40 min.

Last updated on March 24th, 2008

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