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xsw provides an easy way to create powerful slideshow presentations.

Instalation instructions

Once you have all requirements installed, you can just type the basic installation commands of the Unix world:

su -
make install


By using xsw, you create your presentation "by hand", using the xsw language described in the manual. A exemple of a file is:

  - "Hello" x:50 y:30 align:center
  + "World!"

The first line says we're writing a slide. The second one says: "add the text 'Hello' centered at the position 50x30 (each slide is 100x75)". The third line says: "write 'hello' using the same parameters that the line before'. That's what the plus (+) is for.

Let's say you save the script in a file called test.xsw. So, to run, just type:

xsw test.xsw

Press F at any time to go to fullscreen and return.

While xsw has a learning curve, after you learned, you'll be able to build presentations that look much better (and much faster) than Microsoft PowerPoint.

Adding images can be done the following way:

  - background: "bg.jpg"
  - image: "image.png" x:10 y:10

This will add two images: one scaled on the background, and a second one in regular size.


If you want all your slides to look the same, you can use a template (this would be called a "master slide" in other programs). Do so the following way:

template: mytemplate
  - background: "mycompanylogo.jpg"
  - title: x:50 y:10 align:center

slide: mytemplate
  - title: "My Company"


When developing, use the -l parameter on xsw to go directly to the last slide. The -d parameter shows a grid to help with the positioning. The same grid can be show by pressing CTRL+D.

last updated on:
May 10th, 2009, 12:17 GMT
license type:
GPL v3 
developed by:
Andre Wagner
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3 Screenshots
xsw - xswxsw - xsw
What's New in version 0.3.3
  • xsw no longer install the Vera fonts if they can be found in the font
  • directory.
  • corrected a problem where the font border would be broken if the text
  • was to fall out of the screen.
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