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view3dscene project is a viewer for 3D scene files.





view3dscene project is a viewer for 3D scene files.

Supported file formats:

· VRML 1.0 and 2.0. Almost complete VRML 1.0 support is ready. VRML 2.0 (aka VRML 97) support is also done, although some advanced features are missing right now (like prototypes, scripting, interpolators, sensors). VRML files usually have WRL extension.
· See VRML implementation status for detailed list of supported features. See also my extensions to VRML, my VRML test suite, and finally the official VRML specifications.
· Also many OpenInventor's 1.0 ASCII files (extension IV) are handled. Mainly it's because Inventor 1.0 and VRML 1.0 are very similar formats, but view3dscene handles also some additional Inventor-specific nodes.
· 3d Studio 3DS format. Not every information in 3DS is handled by view3dscene but most important things, like materials, texture coordinates and texture filenames are supported.
· Wavefront OBJ files. Only very basic support : geometry and texture coords. Texture named default_obj_texture.png in the current directory will be used if texture coords are specified in the file.
· GEO. Some simple format; I don't even know what program writes files in this format, it just happened that I had a few files in this format. No, it's not Videoscape GEO and it's not Houdini GEO.
Last updated on August 19th, 2013

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