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vhclmaps is a 2D/3D map viewer clients and vehicle simulation server.




vhclmaps is a 2D/3D map viewer clients and vehicle simulation server.

vhclmaps provides facilities for map database access and display and vehicle simulation to navigate the maps. It builds on top of ivtools-0.8 (or greater) and PROJ-4.3.3, and optionally vtk-2.2, Mesa-3.0, clippoly and ACE-4.6. It supports a variety of terrain databases produced by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Additional support for National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) databases is available in a separate US government-domain distribution.

These are the libraries that make up vhclmaps:
Map library of Map access base classes
MapUnidraw library of Map display Unidraw-derived classes
VpfUtil utility library of vpf source code
Vpf library of Vector Product Format access classes
Dlg library of Digital Line Graph access classes
Dem library of elevation grid access classes
DemVtk library of elevation grid 3d objects
Los line-of-sight and viewshed library from DMAMUSE
LosServ losserv library
MapServ mapserv library
VpfUnidraw library of Vpf display Unidraw-derived classes
DlgUnidraw library of Dlg display Unidraw-derived classes
DemUnidraw library of Dem display Unidraw-derived classes
UtmUnidraw library of generic utm map feature display classes
ProjUnidraw library of arbitrary projection display classes
VhclServ vhclserv library
vhclserv vehicle simulation server
VhclUnidraw map viewer with built-in vehicle server
vhclviewer example program to demonstrate VhclUnidraw

These are the viewers in vhclmaps:
vpfviewer VPF viewer
dlgviewer DLG viewer
demviewer DEM viewer
utmviewer 2d map viewer with UTM projection
projviewer 2d map viewer with arbitrary projection
vhclviewer 2d map viewer with vehicle simulation

These are the servers in vhclmaps:
mapserv map feature class server
losserv line-of-sight server
vhlcserv vehicular navigation of maps

These are the utility programs in vhclmaps:

What's New in This Release:

Lots of changes to the various map servers and viewers.
Last updated on July 10th, 2008

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