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vDEC is a discrete exterior calculus and geometry processing library.




vDEC is a discrete exterior calculus and geometry processing library.

From the name, you can tell vDEC was originally created for exploring Discrete Exterior Calculus topics for geometry processing and simulation. However, I have gradually added more and more to it and it has since become my basic mesh processing and rendering code. Note that everything compiles, but certain parts of the code may not function correctly. There are just too many things to check and test. However, I believe almost all of it ought to work correctly.

This is not a rendering engine. There are almost no facilities built into the library for rendering meshes. This is primarily a simulation and geometry processing library.

The library is written in standard C++, and rarely templated. It should compile on most platforms without issue (tested on Windows and Linux). The test code however, is written for Win32 for now and will need to be ported to a more portable GUI framework.

Why you might find this interesting (implemented algorithms, mostly from the Applied Geometry Lab):

· Discrete Exterior Calculus matrix operators - On 2D and 3D meshes
· Implicit Fairing of Surface Meshes
· Intrinsic Parameterization of Surface Meshes - Supports free and fixed-to-circle boundaries
· Variational Shape Approximation - Currently only produces a triangulated mesh. Some edges are non-Delaunay. Full polygonalization is more involved.
· Multi-chart texture atlas generation using implicit parameterization and VSA (novel). This method is not guaranteed to produce non-overlapping or flipped triangles, but if you specify sufficiently many charts, the output will almost never be bad. This is a poor man's implementation of DirectX's UVAtlas.



What's New in This Release:

· The 2D FDTD demo was finished using a discrete metric.
· The UI platform was moved to FLTK.
· The Windows version uses DLL dependencies.
· Unused code was trimmed from the build.
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