spriteconv 1.0.1

Stitches several pictures together to one sprite

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spriteconv - Running spriteconvspriteconv - The original filesspriteconv - The handy sprite created by spriteconv
spriteconv is a Java tool designed to stitch several pictures together to one sprite.

Game developers will love this tool: When you program a game, you want animations, of course. These are often realized by images, which contain every state of the animation - the so-called sprites. They are handy, small and easy to use. Unfortunately, your graphic designers won't create animations as sprites, but as numerous single files. You could now fire up your image processing tool and stich these images together - one after the other... Stop! Safe your valuable time and let spriteconv do this annoying job. Specify, how many images you want per column and row - et voilà - your sprite is being created within seconds.

How to use spriteconv

In order to enable developers to automate sprite conversion, it was designed as a command line tool. Below you find a short description on how to parameterize spriteconv.

* In order to use spriteconv, you have to start up a command prompt. On Windows, you can do this with Start->Run->cmd.
* The general usage of spriteconv is as follows: java -jar spriteconv.jar number_of_columns number_of_rows files_to_process
* For example, if spriteconv is located at C:coolapp and you have 12 image files (here: *.png) saved in C:pictures, the following command will stitch them together in 3 columns and 4 rows: java -jar C:coolappspriteconv.jar 3 4 C:pictures*.png
* A file named sprite.png will be created within the same directory as where your processed pictures are located (in the example above, you would find your sprite at C:picturessprite.png).
* Tip: Don't let spriteconv play mind games with you: It will always output an error message similar to this one: Error: Could not find mediaLib accelerator wrapper classes. Continuing in pure Java mode.  [...] This is not an error produced by spriteconv! The program just makes use of a library which doesn't find some files (which are not absolutely necessary, but speed up spriteconv). As long as the last line spriteconv produces is something like this: Sprite created successfully as C:picturessprite.png everything is OK.

Last updated on December 1st, 2008


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