qphotosort 0.1 Beta

qphotosort is an application to help to organize photos.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Carles Pina
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qphotosort project is an application to help to organize photos.

It is possible to use qphotosort in graphic interface or command line mode. It is recommended to use the graphical interface though.The current state of the program is beta. I encourage you to backup your photos before work with qphotosort.

Anyway, I (and some friends) have been using long time before release without any problem. There is some small issues that can be improved (cosmetic details, translate to catalan, etc.). I will do it in the future.

qphotosort has been programmed using Python, Qt4 and using external programs. The license is GPL 2.0 or later. The application is modular and this is the reason that can be used in graphic interface or command line (using the same core).

Command line use

There are some missing options in the command line wrapper (for example, add an offset, the tool to help to calculate the offset or make links and not copies). Currently, photosort is not giving information about the progress in command line.If there are any users that request a better command line support (more information, add missing options) drop a mail (carles AT pina.cat) and I will be glad to do it.

Moreover qphotosort has been more tested in graphic interface mode than in command line mode (but the core functions are the same)

You have to be in qphotosort directory (or add qphotosort directory to path, etc.) I write some examples, the syntax is very easy (and limited):

cd ~/bin/qphotosort

#list of options:

#Merge fotos1 and fotos2, destination is /tmp/test
./photosort.py –merge –source1=/mnt/dades/fotos2 –source2=/mnt/dades/fotos1 –destination=/tmp/test/

#Resize the photos of one directory (photos will keep the proportion)
./photosort.py –resize –size=400400 –source=/mnt/dades/fotos1/ –destination=/tmp/

#Rename the photos (renumerate)
./photosort.py –rename –source=/mnt/dades/fotos1 –destination=/tmp/test –newname=YY

#Rotate the photos
./photosort.py –rotate –source=/mnt/dades/fotos1/ –destination=/tmp

What's New in This Release:

Though this is the first public release, the program is fully functional.

Last updated on December 5th, 2006

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