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gimpShop project is a fork of GIMP which changes the layout of the user interface to resemble Adobe Photoshop.

Version 2.2 is an update on GIMP 2.0. GIMP 2.2 is fully backward compatible to GIMP 2.0. Plug-ins and scripts written for GIMP 2.0 will continue to work and don't need to be changed nor recompiled to be used with GIMP 2.2. We do however hope that plug-in authors will update their plug-ins for GIMP 2.2 and adapt the GUI changes we did with this version.

GIMP 2.2 replaces GIMP 2.0. It is advised that you uninstall GIMP 2.0 before installing GIMP 2.2. If you want to keep GIMP 2.0 installed in parallel to GIMP 2.2, you have to choose a separate prefix which is not in your default library search path.

This code has already seen quite some testing but a lot has changed since version GIMP 2.0 and we could very well have introduced new bugs. If you find any , make sure you report them at (after checking that it isn't reported already).

The GIMP 2.2 API is guaranteed to be backward compatible (source and binary) with the GIMP 2.0 API. If you find that your 2.0 plug-in break when used with the GIMP 2.2 libraries, or if you cannot compile a GIMP 2.0 plug-in against the GIMP 2.2 header files, please report that as a
Last updated on August 11th, 2006

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