Zenith Picture Gallery 0.9.4

Zenith Picture Gallery is a feature-rich picture gallery that organizes uploaded images into searchable categories.

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Ali Almossawi
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Zenith Picture GalleryZenith Picture GalleryZenith Picture Gallery
Zenith Picture Gallery is a feature-rich picture gallery that organizes uploaded images into searchable categories, creates thumbnails, and stores individual statistics for each one.

Other features of Zenith Picture Gallery include downloadable categories and sub-categories, user accounts and profiles, batch adding via FTP and batch deleting, user comments and ratings, the ability to add languages and skins, the option to rebuild thum

Here are some key features of "Zenith Picture Gallery":

· Everything is done from the browser, from installation to configuration.
· Searcheable records by filters.
· Auto-resizing/resampling of images to thumbnails.
· Easy skinning.
· Categories and sub-categories with display permission options.
· User accounts, user profiles, control panels and user types.
· Easy management of languages.
· Blacklist containing IPs of troublesome users.
· Admin CP allows you to define countless settings and formatting options.
· A notice appears in the nav bar to admins when there are pictures, comments or users awaiting approval.
· Batch add pictures via FTP.
· Batch delete pictures.
· Rebuild thumbnails tool.
· Search result and display page addresses are linkable.
· Gallery can be turned on/off.
· Adding pictures can be disabled for guests.
· Sort pictures by Last comments, Most viewed, Top rated.
· ZIP and download pictures.
· User accounts, profiles and pictures can all be managed in the Admin CP.
· Option to receive an email when a picture is submitted.
· 21. Option to allow only registered users to view the gallery.
· 22. Option to set a timezone offset for picture submission dates.
· Categories are mapped to directories in the file structure.
· Users can choose a skin from the ones uploaded.
· 'Forgot my Password' and 'Resend Activation Email' tools.
· Admins can define custom fields for pictures.
· EXIF support.


· PHP 4.1 or higher.
· GD2 (if you want the gallery to be able to create thumbnails).
· MySQL 3.22 or higher.

What's New in This Release:

· AJAXified the search page so that users can run multiple searches without having to set all the options again every time; the rest will be done in the following release
· The admin can choose whether to use category names (as before) or auto-generated numeric ids for directory names and in paths, settable in the Admin CP (plus the admin has a new option now that goes ahead and rebuilds the directory names)
· Uploaded pictures that are awaiting approval can now be appended with an admin-settable suffix and hidden from directory listings. The feature can be turned on or off from the Admin CP (suggested by malignwarlock)
· The admin can now determine how to order categories
· Individual pictures can be set to either private or public
· Allow admins to choose between fixed-size and variable-sized thumbnails (settable in the Admin CP)
· CAPTCHA support (integration of mod written by Hawk)
· Users can now switch between currently installed languages

Changes/minor additions
· A loading animation is displayed when medium or full-sized pictures are loading
· RSS feed now links to pictures' pages (pic_details.php) instead of directly to their direct path
· Admins who were having problems with sendmail can now easily make a few changes in the code and start using smtp instead
· Comments counter displayed in the welcome box on the main page
· Multi-line comments now allowed
· News bar now displayed in a text box and input field changed to a text area (integration of mod written by Hawk)
· Medium picture size is now automatically corrected if it is ever greater than 1024px
· (threshold can be modified by user; see the FAQ thread)
· Mini-thumbnails are now displayed for pending pictures and comments (integration of mod written by Hawk)
· JPEG quality is now enforced for medium-sized pictures and watermarks (integration of mod written by Hawk)
· category_no_pics.jpg and video.jpg images changed to .png ones (integration of mod written by Hawk)
· Number of members and last registered member aren't shown on main page if user registration is disabled (integration of mod written by Hawk)
· Additional stats shown in welcome box on main page
· Search updated to a "use any words" one (integration of mod here)
· Comments in pic_details.php are now numbered
· index.htm files placed in all directories (thanks Hawk)
· The php files in the tarball release now have all CR and end-of-line characters stripped (thanks Hawk)

Bugs fixed
· The year value wasn't remembered in register.php
· Comment counter only displayed the first digit when value was greater than 9
· Pictures in Last Added weren't restricted to only those from public categories
· "Not a valid image" bug during uploads fixed
· title set for all images in addition to alt to allow tooltips to show up in Firefox (thanks Spuds)
· "Span spam" removed in showEntry() (thanks Spuds)
· Missing title, pictures in RSS feed's body fixed/improved, you decide
· Rebuilding thumbnails continues gracefully if a particular image can't be read for whatever reason
· Deleting mod-queued pictures deletes their pictures (silly bug)
· A tiny potential security flaw fixed
· "Picture Info" box in pic_details.php got screwed up when direct path was hidden
· Minor XHTML validation issues fixed
· Minor right-to-left layout issues fixed

Last updated on July 10th, 2007

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