Yawi 3D 2.1.0

Yawi3D is a project for the implementation of tools useful in the supervisioned sampling of tumoral masses in CT images.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Yawi 3D Team
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Yawi 3DYawi 3DYawi 3D
Yawi3D (Yet Another Wand for ImageJ 3D) is a software project for the implementation of tools useful in the supervisioned sampling of tumoral masses in CT images. Yawi 3D implements a 3D selection tool plugin for ImageJ suitable for CT scanned images; it helps in the selection of 3D Region Of Interest (ROI) containing a tumor mass; it also provides a measure of ROI volume.

It enables and simplifies the selection of a tumoral region on each slice of a CT analysis, and computes the volume of the selected region.

Volume measurements can be used to better understand the course of the illness, providing a forecast on its alterations.

It is composed of the following components:


This is the fuzzy selection tool (magic wand) used on the 2D slices to select ROIs. It uses an adaptive algorithm based on cromatic composition of areas that segments regions with cromatic similarities.
The pluging provides a powerful implementation of the fuzzy selection tool and it can be applied, with respect to ImageJ wand, to a wider spectrum of problems.


This is the software component used to select 3D ROI and is based on Yawi2D. This is a challenging problem, since tumoral mass can be a coalescence of different masses, which means that an automatic selection tool has to deal with non connected ROIs.
It has not yet been released.

What's New in This Release:

fixed some bugs in the GUI
now the histogram is drawn with a red gradient in order to
highlight the values ranges
now it's possible to choose the image format to use when a new image is loaded
added support for 8bit color images
added support for big images, when an image is bigger than the screen it's scaled properly
added Edit>Settings menu
more checks on images loading for single images and sequences

Last updated on October 2nd, 2007

#supervisioned sampling #3D selection #CT analysis #Volume #measurements #tumoral #cromatic

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