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The JGenerator is a generator of dynamic Flash content.





The JGenerator is a web server production application that dynamically combines text, graphics, and sound to build rich Flash� content. Similar to the MacromediaŽ Generator� product, JGenerator uses the same data format and the same set of objects to perform the same tasks.

Designers use the MacromediaŽ Flash� extension, Generator Objects, to create templates containing placeholders for graphics, text, and sound. These will be replaced with the source content, the actual text files, databases, and graphics. The JGenerator then reads the template, performs all substitutions and commands, and generates a Flash player movie which can be played back in a browser.

The JGenerator frees designers from the tedium of updating Flash movies each time they make a small change to the content.

The JGenerator works both online and offline:
* Online, the JGenerator runs under a web server and generates Flash movies by request from a browser.
Using online mode, the Flash content of your web site will always be up to date.
* Offline, the JGenerator runs in command line and generates static (.swf) movies which can be played back or used as required.
Using offline mode, a designer can generate thousands of Flash movies using just one template!

The JGenerator provides a Java-based API (Application Programming Interface) for dynamically buildind Flash movies either from a standalone program or from a servlet. The API fully covers and supports all versions of Flash file format (.swf, .swt) up to version 6 (Flash MX).

The JGenerator is available in two different editions: Enterprise Edition and Community Edition. Enterprise Edition is a commercial version of JGenerator which requires a license. Community Edition is a free, open-sourced version of JGenerator which can be freely downloaded and used without any restrictions.

Community Edition lacks some of the features which Enterprise Edition has and while we continue to develop Community Edition however we provide only very limited technical support for it.
Last updated on May 4th, 2005
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