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An open source interactive height field generation and manipulation program




Terraform is an open source interactive height field generation and manipulation program, giving you the ability to generate random terrain and transform it. Terraform runs under Linux and other UNIX systems under the X11 Windowing system. It uses the GNOME desktop platform and thus has a (more or less) consistent graphical user interface which doesn't require use of the command line.

Terraform allows you to generate random terrain using a number of algorithms and then selectiveley change the terrain using a variety of transformations. Where possible, the transformations provide a real-time preview, giving you instant feedback on the effect of any parameter changes.

Here are some key features of "Terraform":

· Open Source, distributed under the GNU GPL
· Written in portable ANSI C
· Built with the Gnome gnome desktop environment using the Glade interface builder.
· Supports Gtk themes
· Supports GNU style internationalization
· Provides several different projections and colormaps
· Dialogs support real-time previews where possible
· 12 terrain generation methods
· 20 terrain transformations
· River placement
· Object placement
· 1-Click export of Height Fields to POVRay
· Themeable POVRay rendering environment
· Configurable undo history
· Multiple file formats support


· GNOME 1.2 or better
· An ANSI compliant C compiler
· POV-Ray
· Trio: you need libtrio if you're on a system which doesn't define/implement vfscanf and/or vsscanf.
Last updated on December 10th, 2009

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